Konstantinos I. Stouras

Stouras Konstantinos

Konstantinos Stouras is Assistant Professor of Operations Management at UCD, Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. Konstantinos specializes in technology management and innovation. His research examines crowd-based innovation models, and the impact of on-demand marketplaces and online communities in the digital transformation of the service industry. Konstantinos holds a Ph.D. in Operations Management from INSEAD and graduate degrees in Financial Engineering, and Applied Mathematics and Physics from the National Technical University of Athens (ΕΜΠ).

I am always open to new research collaborations. You can reach me from the following email address: kostas.stouras@ucd.ie

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* NEWS *

April '24: Accepted in Management Science: Dueling Contests and Platform's Coordinating Role

December '23: New Working Paper submitted: Momentum Equilibria in Participation on Platforms: Implications for Inequity

OperationsAcademia.org is back: Towards an efficient job market search

Darden Case on Crowdsourcing Grocery Delivery: GidaExpress: Grocery Delivery in Turkey

Research and Teaching Interests

Research: Theory and Experiments on crowdsourcing and platform design, and applications in innovation, services, transportation and retail.

Teaching: Operations and Supply Chain Management; Project Management; Business Analytics; Marketplaces and platforms; Business Model Transformation.


Under Review/Revision

S. Erat, J. Somasundaram, and K. I. Stouras, Momentum Equilibria in Participation on Platforms: Implications for Inequity, v1 (current): December 2023, submitted.

Journal Publications

K. I. Stouras, S. Erat, and K. C. Lichtendahl Jr., Dueling Contests and Platform's Coordinating Role, Management Science, 2024. [SSRN] [Slides] [Video] (Preliminary version accepted at ACM EC'20 Conference)

K. I. Stouras, J. Hutchison-Krupat and R. O. Chao, The Role of Participation in Innovation Contests, Management Science, 68(6):4135-4150, 2022. [SSRN] [InnoCentive.com data] [Kaggle.com data]

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

K. I. Stouras, S. Erat, and K. C. Lichtendahl Jr., Prizes on Crowdsourcing Platforms: An Equilibrium Analysis of Competing Contests, Proceedings of The 21st ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC'20), 2020. (Acceptance rate: 20% out of 491 submissions)

K. I. Stouras, Crowdsourcing Contests with Private Types and Evaluation Uncertainty, Proceedings of The 3rd Cambridge Area Computation and Economics Conference (CAEC'17), Microsoft Research, New England, 2017.

Working Papers (To be significantly reworked)

Please refer to my CV and my SSRN page for a list of working papers.


K. I. Stouras, Incentive Design of On-Demand Marketplaces for Service and Innovation, Ph.D. Thesis, INSEAD, 2017.
- Finalist for Best Dissertation Award, INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (TIMES) Section

K. I. Stouras, Probabilistic Solutions of Partial Differential Equations and their Path Integral Representation: Applications in Stochastic Interest Rate Modeling, Undergraduate Thesis, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), 2010.

Case Studies and Teaching Materials

All cases are available at Harvard Business Review (or similar case distributors) and are accompanied by a detailed Teaching Note and Excel Sheet. Instructor copies are available upon request.

R. Goldberg, K. I. Stouras, O. Yildiz and E. N. Weiss, GidaExpress: Grocery Delivery in Turkey, Darden Business School Case OM-1635, December 2019. (see also here)

K. I. Stouras, K. Girotra and S. Netessine, LiveOps.com: The Contact Centre Reinvented, INSEAD Business School Case 6097, October 2014. (see also here)